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2020….Quick Update| What’s In The Box? Boxycharm January 2020

Hello my lovelies ūüėČ

I hope you all are doing well.

It’s been a while since I last came on here and blogged. The latter part of 2019 came with a lot of unexpected surprises and changes. I haven’t had any time to sit down and blog, it’s been really busy and chaotic but God has been good and He’s been everything He promised to be…so I entered 2020 trusting in Him every step of the way, cause I know that when I leave everything in God’s hands I will eventually see God’s hand in everything…

This year I would like to be more focused on the blog but incorporate Instagram and other social media networks in a more interactive way, sharing some of my views and ideas there and hopefully creating more of a beauty community with you all. I will be posting once a week at minimum, the day in which I post might differ week to week just because of my busy schedule so be sure to subscribe to the blog for notifications on when I post or follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

So now that we have all the nitty gritty out of the way…this year I’ve decided to stick with one beauty box subscription and that is Boxycharm. I am on the waitlist for their premium box and ofcourse, I have the base box subscription, both of which are monthly subscription boxes.

For those of you that are new to the blog, Boxycharm is a subscription box that costs $25.00 a month and offers 5 full sized products for you to try valued at $125.00 or more. If you are from South Africa, please bear in mind that Boxycharm does not deliver to SA, however if you have an Aramex Global Shopper account, you can subscribe using the US address provided. For more information on Aramex Global Shopper you can check out the link below…

Boxycharm has increased their price by $4.00 but in doing so they have increased the overall value of the box as well as the size of the box, allowing for more expensive and bigger products along with more higher end brands to join Boxycharm.

Boxycharm January 2020
So the theme for Boxycharm January 2020 was Breaking The Ice and it contained 5 items.

Pretty Vulgar Undercover Concealer   $25.00

Ace Beaute Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Vintage Dawn   $34.99

Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage   $28.00

Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask   $107.00

Qveen Studio Matte Liquid Lip Satin   $17.00

Pretty Vulgar Undercover Concealer
Pretty Vulgar Undercover Concealer is a lightweight gel serum concealer that claims to be buildable and hydrating. This concealer glides on well and has a natural finish. It has light to medium coverage which is not my preferred type of coverage. I love full coverage products just because I have some acne scaring and dark circles that requires a heavy duty concealer. The first time I used this, I went in with a damp beauty sponge to help blend out the product, and I could see all of my imperfections through my makeup especially my dark circles so I went in with a different concealer on top. The damp sponge tends to take away coverage and this being such a gel like serum consistency, it does move off easily. On my second attempt with this concealer I used a flat top kabuki brush and the coverage was considerably better, however the shade sent to me is a little darker and I do prefer a more brightening shade to add light and definition to the face. I do recommend this product to those who require light to medium coverage and if you have dry skin this is something you would enjoy.

Ace Beaute Eyeshadow in the shade Vintage Dawn
Ace Beaute Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Vintage Dawn features 12 eyeshadows, a combination of mattes and metallic shades. This was the item that disappointed me the most. There were two variations offered for this palette, both by the same brand, one being a pinky, rosy, berry type shade range and this one. I chose this particular shade just because I have a lot of the other types of shades in my collection. I honestly feel that brands have exhausted that berry concept over the past few years.

Swatches Of Ace Beaute Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Vintage Dawn
The Vintage Dawn palette is so beautiful to look at. The combination of the shades are just breathtaking but the quality isn’t as lovely. So first off the shades are not very pigmented. I generally don’t do this but I had to build up several of the shades in the swatches so that they actually show up on camera. The eyeshadows are very dry, the mattes are smooth and more pigmented than the metallics but still overall very dry.


There are 5 metallic shades, 2 are more finely milled and the other 3 are very chunky and flaky shades. These shadows are difficult to work with. They apply best with my fingers. I have tried picking them up with my brush and it was an absolute fail. There is no transition shade in the palette so you will have to pull in another shadow or use your bronzer, it also lacks a highlighting shade. I own the Grandiose palette by Ace Beaute and the quality is nothing alike between these 2 palettes. On the picture above I did use this palette and you can achieve a decent look using it. I personally thought this was pretty and I experienced no fading of the product on my eyes, they remained as intense for the entire day bearing in mind that I did have to build the shadows up to that intensity.

While the look is pretty I just don’t think I should have to pull in extra shadows or work that hard for a palette that is going to cost me $34.99 , it’s just not worth the money….but that is my personal opinion.

Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage
Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage is an exfoliating cream. It smells amazing and is packed with loads of ingredients that are great for your skin, in addition, it claims to reduce signs of aging as well. I have used this twice now and it’s a good product but it’s just not my preference so I passed it onto my husband who actually really enjoys it. This product has a creamy rich texture and contains exfoliating beads that help buff away any dirt and dead skin. It works well, I just prefer gel based cleansers, I feel like that cleanses my skin best and I like a little more grit in my exfoliators but that just a personal preference.

Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask
Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask claims to reveal a more youthful appearance overnight as well as tighten skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines. I’ve used this twice as well and I love it, I wake up with my skin so soft, smooth and radiant. I can’t test out the anti aging properties of the product because I am 29 and Indian. My skin tone is obviously darker which means it contains more melanin. The darker your skin the slower the aging process, but I love this product for the feel and appearance it leaves my skin with and for a $107.00 I’m glad I received it.

Qveen Studio Matte Liquid Lip Satin in the shade Thick Skin
Qveen Studio Matte Liquid Lip Satin in the shade Thick Skin is a super pigmented opaque matte liquid lipstick that is very comfortable and longwearing. I’m very picky with my lip products but I really like this. The colour is beautiful and right up my alley, I love nude lippies. This dries down quick with no sticky or tacky feel, I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this.

Overall I genuinely loved 2 out of 5 products, the face gommage and concealer are good products, just not my preference. The palette was disappointing but usable. The total value of the box was $211.99 which is a lot especially for the base box, definitely great value for your money.


I hope you all enjoyed this review, I’ve certainly missed sharing my experiences and views with you….have a blessed week ahead and I’ll talk to you all soon.




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