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Whats In The Box?|Boxycharm May 2019

Happy Friday y’all 😉

I know how terribly late this unboxing is, but I had to wait forever for this box to arrive. It was misplaced by Fedex and then returned back to Boxycharm….long story short, this is a replacement box that came in about a week ago. I think it’s fair to say that these subscription posts won’t always be on time, just because there is no guarantee that boxes will be delivered on time.

I wanted to skip the post and move onto the next box, but I know there are a lot of you that use these posts to help you decide whether or not these subscription boxes are worth your money, and whether you should consider subscribing.

The theme for May 2019 was Make Waves and it contained a total of 5 items.

The box featured:

Glamglow Gentle Bubble Cleanser   $28.00

Alamar Colorete Blush Trio   $22.00

Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow   $22.00

Pur Pro Eyelash Curler   $18.00

Luna By Luna Lip Gloss   $18.00

Glamglow Gentle Bubble Cleanser
The Glamglow Gentle Bubble Cleanser is a conditioning gel cleanser that contains oat amino acids, apple extract, vitamin E and green tea extracts. It removes all impurities and dissolves makeup. I’ve been using this ever since I received it and it’s a very mild cleanser so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. I love the fact that it removes all of my makeup, as a result it helps minimize the amount of steps I have to take when cleansing my skin, also the amount of products I use. My skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable when I use this, it’s quite an effective cleanser.

Alamar Colorete Blush Trio in the shade Dark/Rich
I received the Alamar Colorete Blush Trio in the shade Dark/Rich, which is a little too dark for my skin tone but used with a very light hand can look very pretty. These blushes are extremely pigmented, you have to be very careful when applying them or you can come of looking clown like. When I apply this I barely pick up any product and that seems enough to give a good flush to my cheeks. The powders are very smooth and buttery. It’s a great quality product and I’m eager to try other shades.

Ciate London Eye Lustre Crème Eyeshadow
The Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Ice is silvery white in colour. These are liquid eyeshadows that are long lasting, metallic and glittery. I personally am not a fan of the shade just because I am a brown girl and I feel like silvery white eyeshadow does not complement my skin tone, but I did use it in my inner corners in the picture far below. I didn’t experience any flaking or fading, it remained as intense at the end of the day as it did in the start. I do think it’s very good quality and will try to incorporate it in my makeup looks.

Pur Pro Eyelash Curler
The Pur Pro Eyelash Curler is a nifty tool to have in your collection. I love the holographic appearance of the curler. It fits perfectly on my eyes and curls all of my lashes very well. My eyelashes tend to point straight, it has little curl to them, so I’ve been enjoying prepping them with this item before mascara.

Luna By Luna Lipgloss in the shade Venus
The Luna by Luna Lipgloss in the shade Venus is a sheer brownish nude gloss. It’s a non sticky formula that applies smoothly and is very comfortable on the lips. I did have to build up the colour in the swatch and on my lips because it is so sheer which I don’t mind doing. I also noticed that very little product comes out of the tube during application, so you will have to dip in a few times to get that first coat on.


I hope you enjoyed this unboxing. Something I’ve really been enjoying about Boxycharm is the added skincare. I love the combination of both skincare and makeup. If you are interested in joining the Boxycharm family I’ll leave the link below….


Have a great night and I’ll talk to you all soon



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