whats in the box?

Whats In The Box? Ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2019

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram then you would probably know that my phone lines/ wifi has been down for over a month hence my lack of posts. So please bear with me as I run through these overdue posts….

The theme for March 2019 was #IpsySHEro since March is women’s month. We received 5 items in the box.

The box featured:

Purlisse Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter   $24.00

Realher I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick   $14.00

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in the shade Smokey   $27.00

Farah Brushes 5 piece Eye Perfection Set   $50.00

Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam Highlighter   $26.00

Purlisse Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter
The Purlisse Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter is a collaboration with Kandee Johnson and Purlisse. The body butter contains ingredients that help soften and moisturise the skin while promoting elasticity and giving your skin a more youthful appearance. I actually enjoy this body butter a lot. It’s very nourishing on my skin. I like of the scent, it smells exactly like an orange creamsicle which is pretty good but I would have preferred a straight up citrus scent.

Realher I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick
Realher I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick is more than just a lipstick. This lip product was in collaboration with Misty Diaz who is an adaptive athlete born with Spina Bifida, which is a condition that affects the spine. Despite Misty’s physical limitations, she still competes in obstacle races on crutches. The red lipstick ‘I Am Adaptable’ represents the ability we have to overcome life’s struggles , it means perseverance and finding the strength within yourself to carry on.

I Am Adaptable is a universal red shade that will suit a lot of skin tones. While I love the shade and the significance behind the lipstick, I’m not a fan of the formula. I found it to be a little dry and powdery which made it flake off. I am going to try this a little more before ruling it out and will keep you updated.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Smokey
Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in the shade Smokey is a small travel friendly palette that contains 9 eyeshadows. It has 5 shimmer shades and 4 mattes. They are extremely smooth, soft and highly pigmented. The shadows blend really well. I didn’t think that I would like this palette since it has so many cool toned shadows but I actually have grown fond of it.

Farah Brushes 5 Piece Eye Perfection Set
The Farah brushes 5 piece eye perfection set is simply heavenly. They feel velvety soft and are of such an amazing quality. I love them!

Benefit Cosmetics Sunbeam
Lastly we have the Sunbeam liquid highlighter by Benefit Cosmetics. I’m not really into liquid highlighters but I love mixing them into my foundations. They give a beautiful, healthy glow. The Sunbeam shade is great on a number of skin tones,as it gives your skin a healthy, beautiful sun kissed glow while looking very natural.


I hope you enjoyed this post. As you can see there were amazing products for March and that is besides the add-ons. If you’re interested in subscribing I’ll leave the link down below and if you haven’t checked out the add-ons I received you’ll find the link below as well….




I hope you guys have a great night and I’ll talk to you all soon.



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