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Brands that excite me & brands that don’t


Recently there was a tag going around on the makeup brands that excite you and brands that don’t. I am obviously going to add my two cents in there, and let you know my thoughts, which will also give you a feel for what you can look forward to on the blog.

There are hundreds of brands that interest me, so many brands that put out a large number of good products but to keep this post as short as I possibly can, I’m going to tackle brands that intrigue me the most and items that I’m likely to purchase. Thereafter we’ll move onto brands that don’t really tickle my fancy and why.

The criteria I used with the brands that intrigue me is consistency….brands that have been able to put out good quality products constantly. That being said I strongly believe that every brand has hits and misses. I also picked brands that have the ability to captivate me with most of their items/collections.

Brands that excite me…


Colourpop Cosmetics – The brand that never sleeps…they come out with new products left and right and yet are still very consistent with their quality and that’s something I enjoy. I love their palettes and the quality of their eyeshadows. I haven’t tried everything from the brand but most of what I have tried I have really enjoyed.


Milani Cosmetics – Here’s another brand that has been consistent in their high quality products for a really long time they have great eyeshadow palettes, I also love their blushes and highlights.

PicsArt_05-08-08.56.54[1]Morphe Brushes – I’m really intrigued by their tools/brushes and makeup . I cant wait to try some of their face palettes, brushes and eyeshadow palettes.


The balm – They have the cutest packaging that just draws you in and the quality of their products are amazing. I have tried a lot of stuff from the brand, and I’ve loved every product that I’ve tried.

PicsArt_05-16-04.44.24[1]Nyx Cosmetics – I’ve been using products from Nyx ever since the brand launched in South Africa and they have continuously put out really good high quality products. They have an incredibly wide variety of products that caters to a diverse number of people. Whether you love neutrals or colourful products you’ll find it at Nyx.

Now moving onto some of the brands that don’t really interest me….now these are not brands that I’ll never use or purchase from, but they just don’t really ‘wow’ me with their releases. For me these are products I can do without.

Brands that I’m not very interested in….


Revlon – I love their Super Lustrous lipsticks, I think the formula is amazing. Revlon does lip products very well but other than that I’m not drawn to anything. I find their collections to be boring and a lot of the time the quality is very hit and miss.


Almay – I remember using their mascaras a long time ago and enjoying it a lot. I’ve also enjoyed their trios that came in an eye shape but recently everything they put out is really boring and of inferior quality as well.

Drugstore brands have grown so much and have put out such high quality products, that a lot of them are comparable to high end brands. There is really no room for poor quality products in such a competitive market.

I hope you found this interesting and informative. I love makeup and it is exciting and riveting to see brands put out new amazing products. I can’t wait to get my hands on the products from these brands and share my thoughts with you.

Have a lovely evening and I’ll talk to you soon



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