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Top Palettes 2018

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We have come to the final segment of my top products for 2018. It’s good to reminisce over what worked and what didn’t in the past year. I love revisiting products just so that I don’t forget about them and so that I make use of them.

I have previously done reviews on the palettes that I’m going to mention, so to avoid reiteration I will provide the links to them below. If you are interested in any one of these palettes you can check out the reviews for more detailed information. I have tried numerous palettes in 2018 which made this list difficult to narrow down but I have managed to bring it down to my top 6…

  1. Colourpop Yes Please


  1. Colourpop Sol


  1. Colourpop Mar


  1. Ace Beaute Grandoise


  1. Colourpop Good Sport


  1. Urban Decay Born To Run


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