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Back To Basics – Step 4: Foundation

Hello my angels!

So we are moving onto our next topic in our back to basics series and it’s all about foundation.

There are many different types of foundations… Liquid, cream, powder etc. The most common is liquid and it’s also my personal preference. It’s easier to work with and provides a heavier coverage than other types.

Before purchasing a foundation, there are a few factors you should consider:

Your skin type:

 Find a foundation that suits your skin type. For instance, I have combination to oily skin, so I use foundations that are more mattifying. Weather plays a very important part, during colder periods my skin tends to get more dry so I’m able to use more dewy/ luminous foundations.

Picking the correct shade:

 Foundation that is too light for your skin can wash you out, make you look sick and ashy. Foundation that is too dark for your skin looks gruesome, so test out your foundations to make sure that it is the right shade. Do not test foundations on the back of your wrist, chances are it’s the wrong match for your face.

You can swatch the foundation from your jaw line to your neck provided they match, which often times they don’t.

The most reliable way to test out foundation colour is to swatch them on your chest area. Women generally use clothing that have a deeper neckline and the chest area is exposed. You want to make sure that your face and neck match your chest.



Mac 130
 You can use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation onto your skin and a flat top brush or stippling brush to blend the foundation onto the skin. Alternatively you can swop out the flat foundation brush and use your finger tips to roughly apply the foundation onto your face and swop the flat top brush for a damp beauty sponge

Damp beauty sponge
I prefer to use a damp beauty sponge because it provides a natural finish. It does absorb a lot of product but it blends out the foundation and concealer like a dream.

With foundation less is more. You want to start off with a small amount to avoid getting too much product on at once or looking cakey and fake.

Do not apply foundation directly onto your brush or sponge, this can become problematic and cause damage to your brushes and sponge over time. When applying foundation start at the centre of your face and blend outwards.


So I apply one pump of foundation at a time onto the centre of my face, then taking my damp beauty sponge, I use a bouncing motion to blend the foundation outward. Be sure to take it up into the hair line and down the neck to avoid the look of a mask. You can go in with more product if needed. Go over with your sponge one more time just to make sure everything is evened out, seamless and blended .

Remember the purpose of foundation is to even out your complexion. So try not to pile on too many layers because we still have concealer and powder to go through. If you are using a full coverage foundation like I am, then at this point we have pretty much covered everything and we are now ready to tackle the next step 🙂


I hope this was helpful. If you follow these steps, I guarantee that you will achieve a flawless look. I trust that you guys enjoyed this week’s lesson.

Have a great week!  😉









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